Thai Life insurance

Vision and Mission

To be A Value-Driven Life Insurance Company of Sustainability

Core Values
  • Believe in satisfying the diverse demands of each individual customer
  • Believe in professional management based on integrity, stability and sustainability of the company
  • Believe in taking part in supporting, developing and contributing to society
  • Believe that cooperation, joint efforts and strong relationships are the key to joint success
  • Be committed to create financial stability for all lives for being a leading international insurance company, which gives all answers about life insurance.
  • Be dedicated to innovativeness with products and services which meet varied needs of customers during their lifetime.
  • Be committed to building financial strength with optimized profit but not for maximized profit.
  • Adhere to humanism with focus on personnel as the company"s most crucial asset and capital.
  • Be determined to build personnel as talent and good people in order to become partner with insight expertise and far-sighted vision for customers and society.
  • Be committed to creating an adaptive and agile organization in order to keep up with changing trends and overcome all limitations.
  • Insist on morality and conduct business with transparency so as to become a good organization for Thai and global society.
Business Purpose
  • To be the Life and Financial Solution Provider in every life stage, life event and life style of customers to meet the diverse demands of customers
  • To provide healthier, better and wealthier lives for customers during the later stages of their life
Brand Purpose
  • To be an admired iconic brand, creating inspiration for everyone in society

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